Propane fireplace ガス暖炉

11/152017 There is baseboard heater in the house but we wanted to add something to warm up the house during the cold winter. We decided to go with propane fireplace. We thought about having a wood-burning fireplace though, we’ve had it before and we were tired of it (splitting wood or buying wood, carrying, cleaning and etc…)

Well, we had some good advice from his aunt and Rich himself  has done research and we chose Vermont casting “Radiance”. It’s made in USA and it has a good reputation. The propane gas line has not been installed yet so we can’t test it yet though we are happy with the way it looks.

2017年11月15日 この家にはもともと暖炉がなく、暖房機は家中の壁についているオイルヒーターのみ。ニューヨークの冬は寒いので、リビングに何かしらの暖房装置を追加する方向で話を進めていました。選択肢は3つ。






Untitled collage (2)
Flooring is done the two guest rooms and hallway. 客間と廊下の床

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