Snow blower 除雪機

12/26/2017 We had a great Christmas with family in Connecticut! When we got home there were about 4” of fresh snow here. Rich took out his snow blower and clear the driveway. It took him 20 minuets or so.

It was a very very cold day today and high was only 23F. We decided to take advantage of fresh snow and go to Minnewaska State Park, which is only 15 mins drive from our house. We have the Empire pass (annual pass, can be used any state parks in New York) so it is basically no charge to ski here! we love the price:) The trails were well groomed(packed down) and it was great condition. Since this is our first day of the season we skied only 40 minutes and stopped. I’ve missed the feeling of skiing so it is really nice to get back on the trails. Let it snow!

2017年12月26日 クリスマス休暇から帰ってきたら雪でした。。。10cmぐらい積もっていたので早速リチャードのギア除雪機の登場!ドライブウェイは20分くらいで除雪できます。






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