Murphy Bed 客間のベッド #1


1/17/2017 It’s been snowing since yesterday morning. We have got about a foot of snow so far. The snow isn’t too heavy and it is beautiful outside!

Well, Rich stated his new project. This time,,,, the Murphy bed!! We decided to put them in the guestrooms and Rich has been making it from scratch! I though he would buy a kit and assemble it but he purchased parts and 6 birch plywood instead! He is really into woodworking lately so this is a great opportunity to test his skills! Anyway, his goal is to build it by next Thursday, the day we are expecting our guest. Crossing our fingers!! More photos will follow.

2018年1月17日 昨日の朝から雪が降り始め、丸一日以上雪が降り続いています。幸い降り方が激しくないから通算積雪量は30cmぐらい。風もなくてキレイです。



The bed parts and instruction. パーツセットと説明書。

Rich’s measurement is always right! 理系ボーイの得意分野。

Cutting the wood(Birch) 裁断中。樺の木を選びました。

Frame is looking good from here! 枠組み完成!

Ironing a piece of paper thin roll of wood to cover the cross section.

Hiding the cross section just like this. 断面図が隠せる優れもの!

Sanding the edge. 電動やすりで滑らかに仕上げ。今ここ!

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