Antiquing 中古家具

1/29/2018 This weekend, we went to Potsdam, New York to attend Rich’s college events, including ice hockey games. It was so much fun! Also we did a light hike in Minnewaska State Park, near our house.

2018年1月29日 この週末は北ニューヨークのリッチ君の母校にアイスホッケーの試合を見に行ってきました。生まれて初めて生でアイスホッケーの試合を見て、とにかくすごい迫力で手に汗握るという言葉がぴったりなエキサイティングな試合でした。 あと、家の近所の州立公園にハイキングにも行きました。

Hiked along the frozen lake in Minnewaska State Park. 近所の公園の湖です。

Let’s go Tech! Cheering Clarkson! リッチ君の母校を応援中。無事勝ちました!


Well, It’s been more than a month since we moved in here. We don’t have much furniture with us and are in search of some pieces like desks for the office, corner & low table and so on.

We got a good advice from a furniture man that we shouldn’t buy everything new. “Buy some antique pieces that have stories behind. When you mix new and old you can see the contrast” That makes sense! We took his advice and have been trying to find some antiqe pieces.

I was looking for a secretary desk for my office, checking consignment shops, antique shops, eBay, Craig’s list but couldn’t find one I like or I can afford. And the other day I tried Facebook’s new service, Market Place(like Craig’s list) for the first time and I finally found what I wanted! We drove 40 mins to see it and the condition was great so we purchased it. How easy!!

Anyway, this is the piece we got! We don’t know the age but it is maple and very heavy & solid. Can you guess how much this is?



私は自分用の作業用デスクが欲しくてずっと探して、実際に中古家具屋やアンティークショップ、eBayやCraig’s listも見たけれど、なかなか良いものがみつからず、先日Facebookの新しいサービスのMarket place(物の売買ができる)を何気なく見ていたら、お目当てのソレが出てました!早速出展者に連絡して、見に行ったらとってもよい状態だったので迷わずに車に積んで帰ってきました。




It was only $80. I have seen pieces like this condition at $500 – $1000+ so I was so happy that I found this at this price. This is a deal!! Next is finding Rich’s desk.


にほんブログ村 住まいブログ リノベーションへ


  1. わ~、よいお買い物されましたね。とっても素敵。


    1. ありがとうございます😊 主寝室内の一角に置いてみました。良い感じほかの家具とも調和しています。ただ、寒くて結局キッチンでpcの仕事をしています。


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