Picnic table ピクニックテーブル

3/20/2018 Spring Equinox day! Though we are expecting some snow tomorrow, it is getting warmer day by day. When spring comes people want to get out of the house more and enjoy beautiful weather right? Wake up in the morning and have a cup of coffee on the deck and get some Sun light(Vitamin D) etc. Yes, we would love to do that! Oh well, we have one problem. There was absolutely no furniture on our deck since we purchased this house… So we decided to buy a picnic table to begin with! Rich could built one but we bought a pre-cut kit to save some time.

2018年3月20日 日に日に春を感じる今日この頃。でも明日は雪の予報。。。さて、我が家のデッキにはまだ何も家具がありません。天気の良い日は外に出たいのでテーブルを用意することにしました。ここでリッチ君からいつものように、僕が一から作るよ!というオファーをもらったのだけど、彼には他にやって欲しいプロジェクトが山ほどあるので、丁寧にお断りしてw既製品を買って組み立てることにしました。

Rich assembled this pretty fast! The edge needs to be painted.

This is the original color. He decided to put reddish paint on.

Painting is done. ペンキ塗り完了。

This cardinal bird comes every day with his partner(below). I haven’t had a chance to take a photo of two together but they hang out here a lot.

This is his partner, a female cardinal bird. She is pretty cute and I like the beak and tale color.

にほんブログ村 住まいブログ リノベーションへ

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