Amish furniture 家具

5/25/2018 It’s been a while since I posted pictures the last time. I was in Japan for about a month and just came back home. The weather has been great last 5-6 days here and everything turns green!

Well, we ordered some furniture last November from a shop that deals with Amish furniture. We were told that the furniture will be delivered sometime in February. Anyway, long story short we finally received the furniture while ago. It took about a half year to get them but we are very very satisfied with the quality and the way they look!

2018年5月25日 久しぶりの更新です。1ヶ月ほど日本に帰省していて、少し前に家に帰ってきました。ハドソンバレーは少しずつ夏っぽくなってきて、今週末は30度を越えるそうです。家はエアコンがないけれど、大丈夫かな、、、。


Living room area リビングルーム

Quarter-swan white oak with leather cushions

Dining room with new look! ダイニングテーブルとキッチン

Dining table set is also quarter-sawn white oak.

I really love the shape. この木のカーブ加減がたまらなく良いです

JFYI though… These are when we purchased the house. What a contrast before and after!



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