Garlic にんにく #1

10/15/2018 We went to “Hudson Valley Garlic Festival” the other day. As you can easily guess, we found everything with garlic. Garlic jam, cheese, sausages, ice cream or whatever… Our purpose was to buy garlic to plant in our garden. Since we are beginners we talked with several vendors and got useful “how to” tips from them. The most important thing that we learned was to plant the cloves around “Columbus Day” and harvest “July 4th”. This is easy to remember! We picked “German white”, big cloves and easy to work with. The weather has not been good but we finally planted the cloves a couple days ago.

2018年10月15日 先日、ガーリックフェスティバルというイベントに行きました。ニンニクを使ったお料理がなんでも揃っていて、ガーリックジャム、ハム、チーズ、アイスクリームなどなど、態々ニンニクを入れなくてもいいんじゃないかと思うものまでとにかくガーリック味でした(笑)私たちのお目当ては、家庭菜園で育てるためのニンニクを買うこと。今回が初挑戦なので、どれを買ったらよいのかよく分からなかったのですが、「ジャーマンホワイト」という品種を選びました。ハドソンバレーの気候でニンニクを育てる場合、「コロンバス・デー」という10月2週目にある祝日に植えて、「独立記念日」に収穫すると覚えておくと良いと教わりました。日本の暦でいうと「体育の日」に植えて「七夕」に収穫するという感じです。ということで早速植えてみました。

German White. We ended up planting 54 cloves.

The summer plants are still there. We made some space(where the kale was) and put compost and mix with excising soil.

The pointy top is 2 inches below the surface. Then the whole area will be covered with mulch later. And this is the preparation. Hope they do well through cold winter and harvest big healthy in July!

A root vegetable, Japanese burdock was ready to be harvested!

The raised bed garden was not deep enough and the soil deep down was not good enough either (clay at the bottom) so it didn’t grow much. But when I cooked them, taste was great.

One of the fall vegetables , beets.

They were harvested on 10/12/2018. Our garden is still going!!


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