Entrance walkway 玄関の小道

11/12/2018 There was the first snowfall here two days ago. And the temperature this morning was 22F… The winter came to Hudson Valley! This year was a little bit crazy compare to the last year. We had a really long summer with tons of rain, high temps with humidity and it was difficult to deal with. Anyway, we had a little project done the other day. Our entrance walkway was renovated. There was not a big problem but it looks outdated. We decided to go with bricks this time. We hired a contractor and project was done within 2 days. They did a good job!

2018年11月12日 今朝の気温はマイナス5度。そして2日前に初雪が降りました。今年は夏が長くて秋を楽しむまもなく冬がきてしまった気がします。先日、ドライブウェイから玄関に続く小道を改装しました。今まではブルーストーンという大きなタイルだったのですが、見た目が古めかしく、なんか墓地を連想する感じだったのと、滑りやすかったり、タイルの間から雑草がモリモリ生えていて見た目が悪い状態でした。自分たちで何とかしたくても知識も乏しく、機材もないので業者さんにお願いすることにしました。

Before the project

The weed was strong and it was a pain in the neck. And also it looks like grave stones…

New brick was delivered.

The old stones were removed.

The new foundation is made with asphalt.

Then putting sand on top of it then place bricks.

We decided keep the square blue stone(original one).

Almost done.

Done! This is how it looks now and we love it!

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