Coffee table #1 コーヒーテーブル

11/14/2018  There is no coffee table in our living room. We can live without it but it is not convenient when you eat/drink while we sit on the couch.  So we finally decided to get a coffee table. It is exciting to get a new piece of furniture, right?. SO where are we going? to a furniture shop? No no!! The lumberyard!! As this is our new pattern, if we need new furniture, we make one.

2018年11月14日 我が家の居間にはテーブルがなく、お茶を飲むときは手に持ったまま。映画を見ながらポップコーンを食べるときはボールを抱えたまま食べています。映画が終わると映画館みたくポップコーンが床に落ちていてヒドイことに(泣)何かと不便なので、ついにコーヒーテーブルを置くことにしました。それで早速向かった先は家具屋ではなく、、、はい、そうです、材木屋。今回もリッチ君がテーブルを作ってくれるそうです。最近すっかり腕が上がって、モノによっては販売してもいいのでは?と思えるものも作れるようになってきたので、ここでも腕試し!今回は板購入編なので、次回は作っているところをレポートできると思います。

We visited a lumberyard in Massachusetts. They have good reputations among woodworkers as they carry variety of spices and different length/width.

My job was to find a good piece for our coffee table while Rich was choosing wood for his projects. He can spend hours in this non heated warehouse. Whereas I gave up after 20 mins and ran back to the car.

There are so many live edge burl slabs. It was not easy to choose the one.

We were thinking to get either walnut or maple but ended up choosing cherry. The bottom part (4 feet) is going to be used as a table.

This piece was very heavy so I offered him to carry this together but his answer was “thanks but I can handle myself and it is easier this way” O-okay thanks, Rich. He looks like a Japanese businessman carrying his brief case and going to work! Anyway, I will write about how he makes the table next. Wish him luck!

This is his latest project, Shaker style step stool. He practiced with pine(soft wood) first then made this one with Quater-sewn white oak(hard wood). He did a really good job on dovetail joints! Now Rich is working on shaker box project so the coffee table will come next.

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