Florida フロリダ

11/29/2018 Hello from Florida. This is our tradition to visit Rich’s mom on thanksgiving and celebrate the holiday together. It has been unusually cold down here and it was only 35F this morning. Oh well…

While we are here we normally enjoy water activites and the highlight of this year was swimming with manatees. In fact we tried it last year but the water was too cold for me to swim… We learned lessons so we brought our wetsuits and snokels this time.

2018年11月29日 毎年恒例、感謝祭シーズンの義母訪問。いつもこの時期にフロリダに住む義母さまを訪ね、七面鳥を焼いてお祝いをしています。フロリダは暖かいイメージだと思いますが、今年はすごく寒く、今朝の気温はなんと1.5℃。ちなみにニューヨークの我が家の今朝の気温も同じく1.5℃で、せっかく暖かい気候を満喫しようと思っていたのにダウンジャケットを着て過ごしています。残念。


We chose the warmest day to go on the excursion. It was 76F, yes, it was warm enough. We rented a 2-man kayak and paddled out!

Rich jumped off from the kayak and started swimming. you can spot his head sticking out on the right.

Here she is! We spoted her.
潜ってみると、、、いましたマナティー❤︎ 後ろ姿でもかなりの貫禄!

This is the closest I got. With the current and the wetsuit I couldn’t dive deep in the water… Anyway, the suit worked well and we swam with manatees!! We also visited Homosassa springs wildlife park, Florida native wildlife preservation center. We saw manatees being fed romain lettuce. who knew that they eat lettuce! They are big but vegitalian. In fact, they don’t have a lot of meat or fat on them so the alligators don’t bother them. what a surprise, they can live together.


We saw a bunch of framingos at the wildlife park. They are so peaceful. We noticed that their knee joints bend backwards but walk forward. Did you know that?

Anyway, we saw beautiful things while we are here. We are going home in 2 days.

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