2019 Gardening – April

4/13/2019 It’s been about a month since I sowed the seeds. The plants have been doing very well and growing fast so I can’t quite catch up with them… It seems like there won’t be below freezing anymore so I just transplanted about a half of them the day before. My next concern is RAIN… I know that we can’t control Mother Nature though we have too much rain from last summer through winter and everything is too wet. I am hoping to have little bit dry summer this year.

2019年4月13日  種まきから早1ヶ月。野菜たちは順調にそして元気に育っています。むしろ順調すぎて、私の方の準備が追いついていない状態です。気温も数日前に氷点下まで下がりましたが、その日が最後だったようで、ようやく霜が降りる危険がなくなりました。ということで、昨日、家の中で育てている野菜の約半分を植え替えしました。次の心配は雨。昨年は夏からずっと雨が多かったので、今年は晴れの日が多いことを祈るのばかりです。

As you can see in the photo, the plants on the fore side are getting too big.

Daikon radish, Cucumber, Kabocha squash, Beet, Kale, Swiss chard and bunching onion  have been planted.

In case we get lost, this is the vegetable map:P

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