Arborvitae 植栽 #1

5/3/2019 There is empty land right behind of property and there will be a two-story, 12 units apartment there near feature. Our real estate agent informed us about this before purchasing the house and we are okay with that. In fact, nothing has happened since we moved here more than 1.5 years ago. But there was a meeting in town about this apartment the other day and we found out that our town’s sewer treatment center has reached the capacity and can not process more for now. This is the reason why there has been no action so far but the construction will start as soon as this is solved. We just don’t know when… Anyway, there is a big opening between our property and the apartment site. We want to cover this space “now” so that we can have privacy when the construction starts and of course once the apartment is built. So we decided to plant some trees there.

2019年5月3日 祝・令和。先日、月イチで習っている習字教室で、アメリカ人の生徒さん達とみんなで令和を書きました。英語での意味はBeautiful Harmony(美しい調和)とのこと。令和が平和で穏やかな時代でありますように。


IMG_4025 (1)
As you can see, there is no tree at all where the apartment site is. Our plan is to plan trees on the green highlighted area.

We choose “Green giant arborvitae”. Lowe’s had a big sale on this and we got 20 of them.


The tree is only about 5 foot now but it will grow about 5′ in a year(Rich told me so). I am hoping that the trees are high enough to give us some privacy by the time the apartment is built.

We asked our contractor to dig holes, make mound and plant trees but…. it has been raining pretty much every day for a month and  the ground has been so saturated and muddy. And sure enough, the mini-bulldozer was stuck in the mud. poor men… They had to stop and wait for the better weather. Well, the bad news is that there will be raining for another 2 weeks… So we really have to wait.

Trees have to wait too. Hope deers don’t eat them.


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