Compost bin 堆肥箱 #2

5/22/2019 It’s already late May. Time flies! We haven’t had good weather for a long time but finally the Sun came out. We have several outside projects(planting trees and building lower deck) that have been put on hold due to bad weather but now that I am hoping to resume these very soon.

Well, we make our own compost with vegetable scraps, grass clippings and dead leaves. We started doing this right after we moved in here and it has been quite successful. Rich made the compost bin last year but he wasn’t satisfied with it. It wasn’t easy for him to turn the compost and also take it out. So this year, he decided to make the bin #2! Thank you!

2019年5月22日 気づけばもう5月の後半。ついこの間までとっても寒かったのに、ここ数日は汗ばむ陽気。今月前半はずっと雨続きでしたが、ここのところお日様が顔を出してくれていて、恵みの太陽光!とは言ってもバックヤードは泥濘んでいて、目隠しの木はまだ植えていません。(目隠しの木のプロジェクトについてはこちら)あと1週間ぐらい雨が降らない状態が続かない植えられないんじゃないかという予想です。そして、残念なことに明日はまた雷雨の予定、、、。


This is the new Cedar compost bin. It is Hexadecagon (sixteen-gon)!

Rich designed everything from scratch. He wants to make it like a wine barrel so that he can roll/turn it sideways.

Assemble phase.

Tada! Rich was quite satisfied with what he made.

Putting the grass clipping in. Hope he(we!?) can make good compost this year.

We made some cedar shaker boxes for the first time. We have similar hand made boxes in Japan and use as Bento-box. Making/packing your own lunch box is quite common(nothing special at all) so I packed our lunch in it. We then put them in the shaker picnic basket and went on a picnic. It was fun!

先日、杉の木でシェーカーボックス(曲げわっぱ)を作りました。目的は、わっぱ弁当!天気が良かったので近くの公園まで意味もなくお弁当を持ってピクニックに行きました(笑) ほんのり杉の香りがして、白米がとっても美味しく感じました。




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