Arborvitae 植栽 #2

6/4/2019 It’s been a month since I wrote about this project. The weather’s been unstable and we were forced to wait for the better weather. It was frustrating but no one can change what Mother Nature does… Our contractor finally came back at the beginning of June and resume the project. This is not so pretty but they did what they can for now.

2019年6月4日 前回このプロジェクトについて書いたのは5月3日(植栽#1)。なんと1ヶ月も前の話。あれからも天気が不安定な状態が続き、完全に放置プレー。6月に入ってようやく業者さんがやってきて、木を植えてくれました。しかし、、、ミニブルドーザーが残していった爪痕がなんともエグイです。。。

Resume the project. Looks still very wet to me.

Oh well, situation’s gotten worse…

I felt like we can make a pond here… Anyway, the contractors are making progress way back there. You see the trees are placed.

I don’t know what to say at this point… they are destroying our lawn…

But the contractors are still pushing to complete the project.

23 Tress are now positioned 5 feet apart.

This is the view for now. The contractor agreed that they will fix the damage that they have made on the lawn. They need sometime to let the ground dry. The trees are small and short now but they grow about 5 feet a year so we are hoping that we will have some privacy by the time the apartment is built.


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