2019 Bird nest watch 鳥の巣

6/25/2019 The area where we live is surrounded by nature and there are all kinds of birds coming throughout the year. I’ve somehow got into bird-watching since we moved here and got a bird feeder on our deck and I never get bored by watching birds. They are simply truly beautiful!! When I was looking up the species on the internet, I found NestWatch website run by Cornell University. They encourage people to participate in their monitor program and I decided to do it.  To become a monitor, you study the code of conduct on their website and get certified. It is straightforward and easy to follow.

2019年6月25日 我が家の界隈は自然に囲まれていて、一年を通して沢山の鳥がやってきます。特に春から夏にかけては繁殖の時期で、家の周りで鳥の巣を見つけることができます。私自身、ニューヨーク州に越してきてから、なぜか鳥の観察に目覚め(笑)、家にエサ箱を置いたりして毎日飽きることなく眺めているのですが、今年は一歩踏み込んで鳥の巣にも注目することにしました。家にやってくる鳥の品種を調べている時に辿りついたコーネル大学のウェブサイトで、野鳥観察のモニタープログラムを見つけ、証明書を取って(誰でも簡単に取れます)、プログラムに参加することにしました。


I ended up finding 13 active nests, 10 eggs, 17 chicks and observed 9 chicks fledgling from their nests. It was sad to witness when eggs and chicks were taken by predators… But it is nature and you can’t do anything about it…


An American robin‘s blue egg. Sadly this one was taken away from an unknown predator…

Another robin’s eggs. This nest was deep in the woods. I couldn’t go in to check it at some point as the weeds get too bushy… I hope they survived.

Robin’s chicks just hatched. This nest was inside a gazebo and very well made. Again, these were taken by predators later on.

Robin again, at brother in law’s house. They successfully fledged.

Two very hungry American robins chicks!

At the same nest a couple of days later. Mamma robin is protecting her chicks.

These are house finch‘s eggs. It had been cold and raining a lot since the eggs were laid. Mamma finch was incubation for a long time(longer than usual) but the eggs didn’t hatch… very sad outcome…

We found this nest at a cottage that we are currently renting in Camden, Maine. These are Gray Catbird chicks. The nest is on a low branch(2 feet high). The nest materials are different from robin’s, more tree barks.  Very interesting.

Three happy full-belly chicks.

The last day on their nest. They fledged an hour later.

This is what I’ve witnessed this season. I have been enjoying doing this and leaning more and more about birds. If you are interested, please check out NewWatch.

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