Grass seeds 芝生の種まき

7/6/2019 It’s been very humid last 7 days. I sweat immediately as soon as I step outside and it is not easy for me to breathe… We just had a thunder storm for 20 minutes and I was hoping that this could bring some cool air but it is even more humid now…

Well, when we planted arborvitae in June, the contractor left ugly scares and it remained like until a couple of days ago. The ground is finally dry now and they came back to fix the uneven ground. They leveled it and planted grass seeds and covered with hay. Rich then put more seeds and hay. Hope grass grow quickly!

2019年7月6日 ここ1週間ほど、外に一歩出るとすぐ汗だくになってしまうような蒸し暑い日が続いています。とにかく湿度が高く、息をするのも苦しいほど。今日は雷雨が降り涼しくなってくれることを期待していたら逆に更に蒸し暑くなってげんなりです(泣)


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