Garlic にんにく #3

7/8/2019 I am thrilled to announce that we harvested the garlic! We planted the cloves in mid October, around “Columbus Day” last year and harvested right after “July 4th”. Since the bulbs have been in the ground and all I’ve seen were leaves and scapes, I was anxious to dig them out. You never know what’s been going in there. Anyway, since this is our very first time to grow garlic, I saw a bunch of YouTube videos to learn how to harvest them properly. You can’t just pull them, that is a big no no. You carefully remove soil around the bulbs by hand and eventually you get to the roots. Once you get there, pull gently. And these are what we got. I would say I did it right!

2019年7月8日 ついにニンニク収穫の日がやってきました。昨年10月の半ばに植えてから約9ヶ月。春に芽が出て、葉が伸びて、そしてニンニクの芽が出てきて~と土の上では順調に育っているように見えていました。でも土の中では何が起こっているのか、ちゃんと実が育っているのかは実際に掘り起こしてみるまでは分からなかったので、楽しみ&不安&ドキドキな気持ちでこの日に挑みました!ニンニク初心者なので、まずはユーチューブでビデオを見て下調べ。外側の葉が5枚ぐらい(または全体の半分ぐらいの葉が)枯れたら収穫のサイン。引っこ抜くのではなく、手でニンニクの周りの土を少しずつ掘っていき、根っこまでたどり着いたらやさしく抜くという手順をさっそくビデオに習って実践。 これ、相当な結構な時間がかかりました(汗)が、出てきたのはちゃんとしたニンニクでした。やりました!ちゃんとできました!!

Our beautiful garlic, German White.

When you plant garlic, better choose the bigger ones. If the cloves are small, you would get small ones.

Oh yes, very good looking!

The nest step is “curing”. The garlic would last for 6 months to a year by doing this. I am getting ready for it and tying them together. Our goal is NOT to buy garlic from the grocery stores from now on. One year is 54 weeks and I would say we consume 1 bulb a week. We harvested 54 this year. We will use 5-6 for planting for the next year so we can keep 48-ish. Hope that is enough.

They should be kept in a place where airy, dry and no direct Sun light. Hudson Valley this year has been very humid and We think the shed and the garage would be way too humid. This is not ideal but we decided to hang them in the basement, Rich’s man-cave where a dehumidifier is on 24/7. Let’s see how it goes.

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