Lower deck ウッドデッキ #3

7/10/2019 Today is my hubby’s birthday! I baked a banana cake for him(his favorite) and we are going out for dinner to celebrate his special day later on. Anyway, our contractor Brad finished the lower deck the day before. He is working on the stair case right now. Because he is highly skilled and has done a very good job, we decide to have the upper deck re-done too. This will take some time but we will continue working on our deck project! Photos will follow.

2019年7月10日 今日はリッチ君のお誕生日です。おめでとう!昨日、ついに1階のデッキが完成しました。かなり腕の良い業者さんで見た目もとても美しいです。彼は今、1階と2階のデッキを繋ぐ階段の木を準備してくれています。そしてこの業者さんとも色々話し合った結果、2階のデッキも1階同様、杉の木で作り直すことになりました。ということで、デッキのプロジェクトはまだまだ続きます!

Nice cedar deck. We love the look!

By comparison, this is “Before” pic.

We were thinking to get a gazebo but decided to go with an umbrella.

Rich is putting stain on staircase parts now. To be continued.


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