Solar panels 太陽光パネル

7/18/2019 The solar panels have been installed. 20 panels are on the roof now. They will(should) produce enough electricity so we would only pay the basic rate(about $23) to our electric power company every month from now on, I hope. I was excited to see the meter went backward(the proof that the panels are producing the power) for the first time!

2019年7月18日 先週、ようやく太陽光パネルの設置作業が完了しました。合計20枚。業者の話では十分な電力を作れるはずとのことなので、今後は電力会社に月々の基本料金(約2500円)のみを払うだけで済みそうです。消費電力計のメーターが逆回りしたのを見たのは嬉しかったです!


We are on our annual family reunion vacation and visiting Southampton, New York for a week. The view from our patio is magnificent!


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