Upper deck ウッドデッキ #4

7/22/2019 A nasty heat wave hit us last weekend and it was extremely hot and humid… Anyway, we finally had nice rain and temperature went down to 68F during the day yesterday. It was great! Well, the lower deck project was completed two weeks ago and now we are working on the upper deck. The same contractor has been doing this and he is doing a fantastic job. While we were on vacation last week, he removed all the old boards and stairs and put new beams and reinforced some of the foundation boards. We are going to use the same cedar boards on the deck and decided to paint them before installation (this doesn’t include the contract). We are painting them now and the contractor will install them as soon as we finish our part. Paint paint!!

2019年7月22日 ここのところ猛暑が続いていて蒸し暑さが半端なかったのですが、今日は久しぶりに恵みの雨が降って、気温も20度ぐらいまで下がりました。カラダがラクです。さて、先日完成した1階部分のウッドデッキから派生して始まった、元々ある2階部分のウッドデッキの改修プロジェクト。(1階デッキについてはこちら) 引き続き同じ業者さん(イケメンのお兄さんですw)にプロジェクトをお願いをして、まずは基礎となっている古い板を剥がし、骨組みを補強してもらいました。上に乗せる木材は1階部分と同じ杉の木を使い、こちらも前回と同様、板を張る前に塗料を塗ることに。これはオプションなので業者さんのお仕事ではなく、私たち(ほぼほぼリッチ君ですが)で塗ります。ということで、我々の方で板に塗料を塗り終えたら、業者さんに板張りをしてもらい、その後、手すりと階段を作ってもらうという流れです。

The old upper deck and stairs were gone.

This is a new staircase from the lower deck.

There are all new boards.

A view from inside the house. This is where we are now.
2階室内からの眺め。リッチ君、剥げてしまった芝生部分に水撒き中。 今ここ!

And the old deck materials were taken to the dumpster.


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