2019 Gardening September 家庭菜園

10/2/2019 Gardening update! I can’t believe that it’s already October and there are less than 100 days left in 2019… Anyway, my September ended in a blink of an eye. Our vegetables are still doing great and feeding us well.

2019年10月2日 ガーデニングの進捗です。すでに10月に入って、今年も残すところ100日を切っているなんて。9月の上旬から2週間ほどヨーロッパへ旅行へ出掛けていたので、帰ってきたら野菜は終わってしまっているかと思いきや、まだまだ元気です。

We have decent amount of tomatoes but these are not quite enough for canning. I try to harvest them once a week to get this much and make tomato sauce dish.

This is right after coming back from Europe. Cucumbers are 14″(15cm) long! lol

I decided harvest cherry tomatoes while they are still orange so that I can avoid their skin getting ripped.

I sowed some broccoli rabe seeds and they’ve grown like this in 2 weeks.

There are about 50 more Japanese green peppers on the plants. They are really hardy!

This guy was on the ground and looked confused so I helped him. He was comfortable to stay on my finger and didn’t fly.

I make this every week…


The other day, we had a BBQ party at home. Rich used his smoker to cook ribs and pork butt. He did a good job on making pulled pork.

Lemon garlic marinaded chicken on BBQ.

We were able to use our new deck before summer ends!

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