2020 Garlic にんにく #1

10/31/2019 We grew garlic for the first time this year. We planted 54 cloves and harvested 54 bulbs, it was very successful. We are happy with a good yield as well as the quality of the garlic(aromatic, big and easy to peel the skin). And most of all, we don’t have to buy them from the grocery stores! Anyway, we decided to keep growing the garlic. We bought cloves at a garlic festival last year but we can plant our home grown garlic this year! This is exciting! Growing garlic is a year-round project so here we go again! (Garlic project this summer –> Garlic final #4)

2019年10月31日 今年7月半ばに収穫をしたニンニク。初の試みだったけれど立派に育ってくれて、54個植えて全てが見事に育ったという収穫率100%の大成功の年でした。粒も大きくて(私好み)皮も剥きやすく、香りもマイルドで大満足の出来なのはもちろんのこと、何といってもスーパーでニンニクを買わなくて良いというのが一番の嬉しいところ。ということで、来年の7月の収穫に向けて、今年もニンニクを植えることにしました。昨年はニンニク祭りに出かけて種(ニンニク)を調達しましたが、今回は自分で育てたニンニクを植えるので、満足感が倍増です!(この夏のニンニクプロジェクトはこちら→Garlic final にんにく #4

These are the best 66. I carefully chose the big good looking ones.

I allocated one full raised bed garden(4″ x 10″) for garlic and I planted 66 cloves. Cloves are covered with 2″ of soil and 6″ of mulch. I can’t wait to see the shoots coming out next spring.

Every year around mid September, grasshoppers and cabbage-worms come out and eat leafy vegetables. Poor kale has been badly eaten by them… At this point I gave up and let them have it all.

Fall foliage is at its peak in Hudson Valley in early to mid October.

Saranac Lakes in Adirondacks. This is our favorite place to see fall foliage. こちらは毎年この時期に訪れる紅葉スポット、サレナックレイク。写し鏡の様でとてもキレイです。

There are so many apple orchard around our house. We went apple picking!


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