Compost bin 堆肥箱 #3

11/6/2019 We have been busy cleaning garden and taking care of our backyard the last couple of weeks. Looks like snow is coming very soon. We have been making our own compost since we moved here two years ago. We’ve learned that mixing leaves and grass clipping in compost is very important to make good compost. It’s not a fun job to do but we did it anyway and hoping to have good crops next year. We needed more bins so Rich made three more. We are all set!
2019年11月6日 毎年この時期は家庭菜園の片付けと落ち葉拾い、雪が降る前の最後の芝刈りなどなど外の仕事が盛りだくさん。我が家では家庭菜園用の堆肥を自分たちで作っていて、この堆肥づくりにかかせないのが落ち葉と芝生です。落ち葉拾いは大変だし、人によっては業者にお願いしている人もいるぐらいですが、うちではこの落ち葉はお宝!集めた落ち葉を入れる箱が足りなくなったので、リッチ君が新たに3つ作ってくれました。

From left to right: Rich’s very first compost bin and 2, 3, 4. New ones are made of cedar. And we still have round one close to the house.

The camera can’t capture the action but it is cooking!

Behind the scene. I’ve got my parking space back BUT it’s so tight!

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