Christmas gift basket

12/17/2019 We only have one week to Christmas. I can’t believe how that is even possible. I felt like I just finished cleaning up my garden yesterday. where is Fall? Did it come? Anyway… we’ve been making fixed-handle shaker baskets for a while. Last year, we made shaker boxes(with lids) for Christmas gift so we wanted to try something new this year.

We chose Cherry to make baskets. We’ve tried different species and we like Cherry the best to work with. It is easy to bend, doesn’t break/split much, strong and beautiful grains. We also made #0 size cherry boxes and #4 size bird’s-eye maple boxes at the same time.

2019年12月17日 今年も残すところ2週間。毎年思うことですが、あっという間の1年でした。そして1週間後にはクリスマス。今年はシェーカーボックス(アメリカ版の曲げわっぱ)でギフトバスケットを作りました。ちなみに昨年は蓋つきのギフトボックスを作り、こんな感じでした→Shaker box #4


I put everything on the table and thought about what to do.

This year’s stuffings are tea, chocolate, jams and some homemade cucumber pickles that I canned back in summer.

Those small boxes are great for putting travel sized sewing kit, cotton swabs, band-aids or small jewelry.

Ok, this is something new! We’ve hand-written the signature, year and serial number with a sharpie in the past but… one of our fellow woodworkers told us no to do so(It is unprofessional). So we ordered our own “branding iron”. We also started using a wood-burning pen to write the year and serials.

Hope they like the baskets.

We are getting some fresh snow. I cross-country skied in our backyard the night before.


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