Liquor cabinet 飾り棚

3/26/2020 It’s been a while since the last time I posted about our projects here. We have been busy chasing snow and skiing during winter and now Covid-19. We live in Upstate New York and are staying home as much as possible. We are trying do our part to get through this craziness. I can keep writing about this forever but it’s pretty depressing so I won’t say anything about this in my blog from now on.

Anyway, I would like to share about our new furniture piece. It was back in last June, Rich decided to take a two-week intensive cabinet making class in Maine. We rented a cute bungalow and he went to school from 8am to 6pm everyday to make a liquor cabinet. Students can design their own pieces and I asked him to make this specific piece for our dining room. In spite of his hard work, there was not enough time for him to complete the project in two weeks. So he ended up bringing unfinished piece home and finish it later. And “later” didn’t come soon as we were busy doing different stuff but finally 6 months later… he made time to finish his very first cabinet. He did a good job on dovetails and it fits nicely in our very spot! Thank you and good job!!

2020年3月26日 気がつけば2020年も四分の一が終わろうとしています。暫くブログを放っておいたら3ヶ月も経ってしまいました。そしてコロナウィルス騒動。私たちの住むニューヨーク州は外出禁止令なるものが出ているので、食料品、医薬品、ガソリンなどなど生きていく上で必要なサービスを利用する場合のみ外出しています。今はこの状況から一日も早く抜け出せるよう、そしてウィルスが終息することを願うばかりです。コロナのことを書き始めると止まらないし、暗くなってしまうのでこれ以上は書きません。


Quarter sawn white oak with dovetails.

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