2020 Bird nest watch 鳥の観察

4/4/2020 Spring is my favorite season. The trees & plants have woken up from long winter and everything is getting green day by day. The nature gives me energy and positive vibes and we all need that right now! The another big reason why I love spring time is that I am into bird-watching. I can sit by the window and watch them hours and I never get bored. Anyway, all the winter birds have come back and male birds are singing beautifully around the house. I monitored bird nests last year and I have been looking forward to doing it again ( I observed 13 nests in 2019 ). I especially like American Robins and I would like to see more nests around the house. So I asked my husband’s help to build “Robin’s platform”. I know, it sounds crazy but I am very much into it. I don’t know if they like it or not but I am crossing my fingers:)

2020年4月4日 今年も待ちにまった鳥の観察シーズンがやってきました。越冬していた鳥たちも皆かえってきたので、デッキのエサ箱や庭が賑やかです。今は繁殖の時期でもあるので、雄鳥たちが自分をアピールするために美しい歌声を披露しています。これは和む。昨年から鳥の巣のモニターをしているのですが(昨年は13個所の巣をモニターしました→雛の写真たち)、今年はもっと沢山巣がみたいので、自分たちで巣台を作ってみました(笑)完全にオタクの域ですが、私はアメリカンロビンというお腹がオレンジの鳥が大好きなので、願わくば雌ロビンちゃんがこの台の上に巣を作ってくれたらと思っています。ワクワク!

We referred to this Robin’s Platform pattern.

FireShot Capture 045 - Robin Nesting Platform - 70birds Birdhouse Plans Index - 70birds.com

Rich used his leftover wood to cut into pieces. I painted them.

We placed them somewhere not so obvious. But… should I put “For Rent” sign on it? to attract mamma robins?

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