2020 Gardening 家庭菜園 Day15

4/15/2020 Gardening day 15. The first one to come out this season was Japanese daikon radish and string beans was the second. The weather will be unstable for the next two weeks so I am thinking to transplant them in early May this year. 

It’s been a month since the “Stay at home” order in New York State went into effect. We have been practicing social distancing and decided to go grocery shopping only every two weeks. I used to go grocery shopping every 2-3 days before this so it has been a challenge for me to buy two weeks worth of stuff on one purchase try not to forget anything(if they are available). Also when I come home I have to either wash or wipe everything before putting in the fridge. And and and… come up with meal plans for next two weeks from what you got. I’ve been thinking about the menus and recipes all the time now. Anyway, I again realize that we are very lucky to have a garden at home to grow the vegetables. Our first harvest would be in early June and we still have to wait and buy veges from grocery stores but it will help us a lot. Hope we will have a good season this year!      

2020年4月15日 種まきをして早15日。ちょこちょこと芽が出てきました。毎年一番に発芽するのは大根。そして、今年の二番手はインゲン豆でした。これから先の2週間は天気が不安定で、雨も多く最低気温も氷点下の日があったりするので、畑への植え付けは5月の頭ぐらいになりそうです。


Good healthy looking string beans seedling.

My husband loves salad and he wants to eat it every single day so I decided to grow lettuce in the planter. 

Big fig is taller than me now and fully loaded.

にほんブログ村 花・園芸ブログ 野菜のみ(家庭菜園)へ

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