French drain installation 盲下水

5/9/2020 Our back yard has really poor drainage. The clay soil is the problem and it seems getting worse every year. We’ve tried to patch the puddles by adding soil but it didn’t solve the main problem. So we decided to install French drain system.  

We have a lot of rain/snow from winter through early summer plus, deer and other wildlife come and walk through our back yard all the time. That has damaged our saturated and extremely soft soil… We wanted to cut the grass but the lawn mower got stuck. This is how bad the situation was. So hopefully “French drain” fix our problem! 

2020年5月9日 我が家の庭は粘土質で雨が降ると雨水の行き場がなくなり飽和状態となってそこらじゅうが水浸しになってしまいます。これが年々悪化してきているようで、先日は水溜りができやすい場所に土を盛って平らにしてみたけれどあくまで応急処置に過ぎず、そもそもの問題を解決しなければという結論にいたりました。そこで、フレンチドレインという地中に穴の開いたパイプを埋めて雨水を誘導するシステムを導入することに。この言葉、日本語だと「盲下水」というらしいのですが、読めるかな?専門用語らしく、今まで聞いたこともないし、お恥ずかしながら読めなかったのですが、「めくらげすい」というらしいです。


Before the project – As you can see, the water is stuck. It stays like this for 3-4 days then the next rain comes… 

FireShot Capture 046 - Professional gutter and Drain - French Drains - Columbus Ohio_ -

OK, here we go. The contractor dag trenches with mini dude and install the pipes next.

Put the gravel around the pipes.

put the fabric and earth.

This goes around our property toward the drainage.

Tada! The end result. We had a heavy rain previous night and there are no puddles. Big success!! My husband planted grass seeds so this part should be green by summer.

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