Rescue mission

5/11/2020 When I was working in the van today, I heard a noise, something hit the window. At first I thought it was a bug but when I went out to see, it was a tiny bird…. 
This poor thing was now under the van, its eyes closed and didn’t move. I thought it was dead then it opened the eyes! If I leave it there the predictors would come get it so I picked it up and put in a box. 

I have read an article before about how to rescue birds that hit the window, if you find a bird like that, you gently pick it up and put in a box, cover it and let it rest. So I did. It was chilly so I was getting some hay to keep it warm then it flew away. It rested again on the ground for a while and hopped into the bush. I wasn’t sure what kind of bird that was so I asked my Facebook bird community friends and I got the answer right away. It was House Wren. Anyway, I was so happy that I was able to save this little one’s life. 

2020年5月11日 今日、車の中で作業をしていたらバチンという音がして虫かな?と思って外に出たところ、なんと小さな鳥でした。窓にぶつかってしまったようです。



この鳥、うちの餌箱には来たことがないので、Facebookの鳥コミュニティ(小鳥が好きすぎてグループに入っています)に聞いてみたところ、House Wren(イエミソサザイ)だということがわかりました。餌箱には来ない種類の鳥とのこと。小さな命が助かってよかった。

P.S. 昨日は雪、今日は雹が降りました。もう5月の半ばに入ろうとしているのに、、、今年の天気はおかしいなぁ。

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