Pergola あずまや

5/21/2020 It’s been warm and sunny for a week. It is supposed to be a great week to go outside and enjoy ourselves but as we live in “Mid Hudson area” in New York, the things still have been limited. We took advantage of it and decided to do a home project. This time, we are building a pergola.

We extended our deck around the hot tub last summer and it is very much exposed to the Sun. We tried to put a big umbrella but it didn’t cover the angle we wanted. Anyway, we knew that pergola is the one we need and we looked into it. There are so many products and choices out there and we decided to go with cedar, matched with our deck. We placed the order 3 weeks ago and it finally arrived. So let’s get started!    

2020年5月21日 先週までの悪天候から一転、今週は天気の良い日が続いています。本来ならば行楽日和なんだろうけれど、私たちの住むニューヨークの「ミッドハドソン」というエリアはまだ本格的な経済活動再開までにはほど遠い感じです。それならば、この状況を逆手にとって家のことをトコトンやってやろうというリッチ君。ということで今回選ばれたプロジェクトは「あずまや」です(笑)


Our future pergola came in with two boxes.

There are so many pre-cut pieces inside. It doesn’t look like pergola at all at this point.

The wooden pieces are stained and ready to use. But my hubby decided to put good stain which last 4 years on them. My reaction was…. seriously!? He always looks things positively whereas me, negatively. lol Anyway, thanks to his push we stained them all and they look much better.  

We are ready to assemble. 

This is a part of assembly. 

Tada! we did it! It didn’t come with a shade so my next job is to look for one to protect us from the Sun.

It was a good 2 day 2-man project. What is next!?

Project up date on 6/11/2020 
we successfully added the shade on the side.


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