Japanese maple tree モミジ

5/28/2020 One of the things that I really like about American culture is that people give trees as a gift/present. As I am from Japan and we live in much smaller places compare to the U.S., we normally send flowers or small plants and that is about it. I never ever thought about sending a tree to someone as a gift until I moved here. When we go visit our family, relatives, friends and spend some time outside, we often talk about gardens and things they have in their yard. And I sometimes here people saying “oh, I got this tree on my birthday”, “This tree was a Mother’s day gift” or “anniversary tree” things like that. People don’t just buy trees, as time goes by I’ve heard more about the tress that have stories behind. And this was new to me and I really like the idea and that warms my heart. So a long story short, I love the idea of giving a tree as a gift and I decided to do that to us for our 5th anniversary. My husband likes it and we decided to get a Japanese maple tree. Since this year 2020 has been very different and difficult for everyone the tree would be our reminder that this happened. We would like to see the tree grow with us and remember this very special year in 5, 10 or 20 years later. Stay well and healthy everyone:)

2020年5月28日 アメリカで生活を始めてから、「これはとっても良い」と思った事の1つに、何かの記念に木を植える、木を贈るという文化や習慣があることです。日本では場所も土地も限られているから植物のプレゼントだとお花類が主流だし逆に木をもらっても困ってしまうけれど、何でも大きいアメリカでは「木」も贈り物の候補に。家族や親戚、友人の家で、庭の話題(特に外の集まりではよくネタになります)がでると、この花・木はなんていうの?いつ植えたの?という感じの、いわゆるスモールトークになりますが、ここの会話の中でたまに「誕生日、母の日、記念日にもらったもの、植えたものなの」なんてことを耳にします。ただ単に、木を買ってきて植えるのではなく、そこには「良いお話」が隠れていて、これが私にとってはとても新鮮で、こういう話を聞くたびにすごく温かい気持ちになって、いいなぁと思うようになりました。と、前置きが長くなってしまいましたが、私たちは今年で結婚5周年。まだ5年だけれども、キリが良いし今年はコロナ云々で色々特別なので、思い出に残そうと、私から自分たちへ木を贈ることにしました。何が良いかを話し合って、日本品種の「もみじ」にすることにしました。5年後、10年後、そして数十年後にこの木を見ながら、2020年は大変な年だったよね(でも収束したね)と振り返ることが出来ますように!

We went to a near by garden center, Adam’s. We masked up of course!!

I spent two hours to dig a hole the day before. Oh boy the clay-ish soil was so dry and so hard… It killed my right shoulder and I needed a bunch of ibuprofen to deal with the pain. lol Anyway, we took a tree home.

We choose “Bloodgood”, the popular one(hardy, easy maintenance and great color) among Japanese maple trees.

I filled the hole with soil and compost mixture to make a bed for the tree and adjust the height.

Now the tree is set. And then I rubbed some Bio-tone starter plus granules(Organic plant food) around the roots.

Put more soil and covered with mulch then plenty of water.

We planted the tree in front of the house and we can see it through our bedroom window as well. We are freeze zone 6a and the tree should survive here. My little concern is that this spot is fully exposed to the Sun all day. Would too much Sun be a problem? I hope not.

Newly opened leaves. They give me ”ZEN” feeling. I miss Japan so much!

にほんブログ村 花・園芸ブログ 野菜のみ(家庭菜園)へ


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