2020 Gardening June

6/5/2020 It’s been 3 weeks since we transplanted the seedlings. Unfortunately we have some bug issues this year. The green pepper did grow well last year and it was almost maintenance free but, they got eaten by bugs… The hardy kale has the same problem. We have tried some organic insecticide but it doesn’t help much… It is interesting to learn that every year is different. Anyway, I don’t want to give up growing green pepper so I bought some seedlings as well as eggplant. So now, about 70% of the plants are doing OK. and that is great! I would like to keep that number and hope to grow happy healthy vegetables as much as we can. The finger crossed!

2020年6月5日 野菜の植え付けをして早3週間。今年は虫がつきやすいようで、昨年は無敵だった日本品種のピーマンは葉を食べられてほぼ全滅です。同じくここ3年最強無敵のケールも葉を食べらてしまって、有機栽培用の害虫駆除スプレーをしてみてもあまり効果がありません(泣)ピーマンは是が非でも食べたいので、ガーデンセンターで苗を買ってきました。あと、スペースが少し余っていたので、米ナスの苗も購入。全体の7割ぐらいは順調に育ってくれているので、この先半月ぐらいが勝負どころかなぁと。まぁあんまり根をつめずに、ちゃんと育ったらラッキーぐらいに思うようにします。

Hello there! I was so excited to see an asparagus came out. After a couple of days it became like a thin tall overgrown weed so I picked it but I later learned that I should have left it. In the first year, you leave them and let the root system develop under ground. Be patient! Oh my, so much to learn.

We welcomed two eggplant and two green pepper plants.

Tomatoes, beets, strawberries are happy.

Green beans, green pepper, kale are not doing well. They are not here but our basil gave up growing. I tried to grow them from seed twice and failed twice so I decided to buy plants at this point. Oh, almost forgot, our rainbow Swiss chard is very happy:)
こちらが問題をかかえている箱。 頼りなさそうなインゲン、食べられてしまったケールとピーマンの苗。写真はないけれど、バジルも上手く育たず。種から2度挑戦して、2度とも全滅したので、苗を買うことにします。幸いレインボースイスチャードは元気。

Peas and daikon radish are super healthy and happy. Cabbage in the middle is still not sure which way they go(good or bad).

Onion set is going wild!

Yes THE garlic, the all A students. The scapes are coming out.
優等生のニンニクたち。芽が出てきました。 あと1ヶ月弱で収穫。楽しみだぁ。

Blueberry trees are loaded!

にほんブログ村 花・園芸ブログ 野菜のみ(家庭菜園)へ

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