Mitsubishi split unit AC エアコン

6/13/2020 We finally got a Mitsubishi split unit AC. As I am Japanese, this is the type of AC I grew up with. I would say about 90% of the houses in Japan have at least one like that. So when I was moved to the states, I was surprised that this is not a common thing to have in the house. I think people have either central control system or window units at home. And yes, we used both of them. Our current house has no central control so we bought some window units and using them but they are so LOUD… Plus… this is our 3rd summer in Hudson Valley and it is getting more and more humid every year. So we came to the point, we need something better.

We discussed getting a split unit AC last year but it was (and still is) very expensive. In Japan, you can get it around $900 – $1,200 range. Here $4,500… That was ridiculous to me. But… we installed solar panels last year and we are producing energy a lot (meter goes backwards) so we don’t have to pay for electricity at least and we assume that it will get more humid in the future so we decided to invest money on the AC this year. We got rebate and discount so it came down to $3,800. It has to be good!

2020年6月13日 我が家にもついにエアコンがやってきました!(遅w)アメリカでエアコンと言えば、セントラルコントロール(家全体を冷やす)か、窓に取り付けるタイプが一般的。セントラルだと家中涼しくて良いけれど使っていない部屋にも冷えるので電気代が嵩むし、窓タイプは音がうるさいというどちらも難ありです。日本で主流のエアコンはその存在自体すら知らない人も多く、ここ2-3年でようやく見かけるようになってきた感じです。と、日本人からするとウソみたいに進んでいないアメリカのエアコン事情(汗)そしてこの市場で知名度を上げているのが三菱!なんと日本のメーカーが頑張っています。ちなみにこちらではエアコンでは通じず、ミツビィシー・スプリット・ユニット・エーシーと呼ばれています。すごいぞミツビィシー!


The contractor brought the AC unit.

These guys were really good. They put it up within one hour.

We were thinking to get two units, one for living and dining area and another one for master bedroom. But the sales person said ONE unit is enough if we are ok with sleeping and leaving the bedroom door open. What an honest sales man! As Rich was a salesman himself, he immediately liked this man and decided to make a deal with him.

Tada! it is up!! It is facing the kitchen and master bedroom. We have been using it and we like it a lot. And sure enough, one is enough! It cools living, dining and master bedroom!

This is the outside unit. This is quiet too!

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