2020 Gardening late June

6/27/2020 We started hiking regularly once or twice a week since the beginning of June. And I have been playing  pickleball twice a week as well. Plus all the garden, backyard projects and chores took up my time to write about my garden… lol At least I have taken pictures of my vegetables and it’s being raining today so I finally had a chance to share my garden pics!

2020年6月27日 今月に入ってから、週1-2のペースでハイキングを始めて、それに加え週2でピックルボール(巨大な卓球のようなスポーツ)をしています。あとは畑のお世話とともに毎日1-2時間の芝生の水撒き(芝生再育成中)、家のプロジェクト諸々でなかなかブログを更新する機会がなく、気がつけば6月も残すところあと4日になってしまいました。6月頭に心配していた野菜たちはまさかの大復活!今月中旬ぐらいから一気に成長し始めて、スイスチャードとケールは毎日収穫できるようになりました。元気な野菜たちを写真でサラっと見てもらえると嬉しいです。

on June 12th. Garlic scapes came out! This is a very satisfying moment!
6月12日 ニンニクの芽がニョキチョキでてきました!

I harvested all of them and made a stir fry.

Rich’s dad came to see us in mid June. He harvested his own strawberries that he gave us last year.

Very fresh and sweet!

Cherry tomatoes are doing well.

Peas are looking good.

My beloved Daikon radish is coming out!

The greens on the far left is onions!

A basket of the day on June 19th.

This is my first year growing peas. What I didn’t know was the same pea plant produces snow peas, sugar snap and green peas. I can enjoy these three types by harvesting them young, grown or mature. so far I like snow peas the best!

Harvested Daikon radish on June 23rd. I love the shapes, they have hands and legs ish.

I bought a bag of onion set back in March. There were 80 bulbs in it at less than $3. Now I have 80 of them like this size and I can pick and use whenever I want. It is so cool.

on 6/27/2020

Two beets are big enough to pull. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Team Peas. We can get about this much once a week.

Ok, these will go on our dinner table tonight. how lucky we are!

Lily of the valley is growing strong. I needed to put some stones around them as chipmunks are digging holes here.

にほんブログ村 花・園芸ブログ 野菜のみ(家庭菜園)へ

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