2020 Gardening late August

8/28/2020 Tomatoes are in season! We only grow cherry tomatoes this year though, we had really good harvest in early August. They taste so sweet this year. As the season slowly changes, tomato plants are producing less, and green pepper plants are producing more. I am happy to see about 100 green peppers are hanging on their branches and getting bigger day by day. I am dreaming about picking them all at once! Anyway, I am sharing some photos of my garden and dishes I made this month.

2020年8月28日 8月といえばトマト。今年は大きなトマトを作らなかったので、チェリートマトの苗4本のみ。前半はかなりの量が収穫できていたので友人に配ったりもしたけれど、後半になってペースが落ちてきたので、二人で食べきれる量になりました。えんどう豆も時期を終え、ビーツも20個ほど収穫。ここにきて日本品種のピーマンが出来始めました。今、9個の苗が合わせて100個ぐらいの実をつけています。どんなお料理にも使えて重宝している優れもののピーマン、できたら一気に収穫してみたいなぁ。今月はあまり写真を撮らなかったけれど、以下、畑やお料理の様子です。

Our favorite dish, roasted cherry tomato bruschetta. I was able to can two(1/2 pint).

This was my first year of growing broccoli. I wasn’t sure when was the right time to harvest so I ended up waiting too long and the flowers are started blooming…

Asparagus came out! They are big and I wanted to pick them but decided not to. patience, patience!!

I made spanakopita(Greek spinach pie) with Swiss chard. It tasted like it and I couldn’t tell the difference but… my spinach lover husband told me it is different. Oh well… It was close enough!

Green beans are in season. They have been weak until late July but they finally came back!

A friend of mine game me some beefsteak tomatoes. I made tomato sauce with it and it tasted so sweet.

Herbs(parsley, basil, sage and rosemary) for tomato sauce. .This year, I can use my own garlic and onion. I feel so lucky!
トマトソースに使うハーブたち(パセリ、バジル、セージ、ローズマリー)と、今年は収穫したニンニクと玉葱も使えるので、ソース作りの材料は100%お庭から。 これは嬉しい。

We had a garden feast the other night. All the veggies are from our garden.

Some bitter gourd and Okura from our friends. What a treat!

にほんブログ村 花・園芸ブログ 野菜のみ(家庭菜園)へ

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