Garden cleanup 畑掃除

10/22/2020 We had our very first frost in late September. It came quick and unexpected and I was so unprepared. So most of our vegetables froze and died… Very sad:( There were about 30 green peppers and 100 cherry tomatoes still growing but I couldn’t save them. Anyway, everything in the garden looked sad after that so I decided to clean up.

2020年10月22日 先月、9月20日ごろに2日連続で霜がおりてしまい、トマトやピーマンなど庭で元気に育っていた野菜がほぼ全滅してしまいました(泣)急に寒くなったのでシートをかけるなどの準備もできず、そして心の準備もできていないまま夏野菜とお別れすることに。ピーマンは30個、チェリートマトは100個ぐらい成熟途中の段階で駄目になってしまったので残念です。苗自体も凍ってしまって見た目的にも悲しい感じだったので、まだ9月だったけれど全部抜いてお掃除しました。
I ended up having 3 full loads like this.

This is just before the frost. I had beautiful green peppers.

Daikon radish is doing well.

I love the shape of daikon. This one has short legs! I made soup dish with this.

Fig tress are doing well and still producing some fruits.

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