New trees 新しい仲間

In early September, I got an email from my father in-law saying he purchased some trees online. He has a green thumb and we often talk bout our garden and trees. Anyway, in the email he mentioned that he’s got a red rocket crape myrtle and a Japanese lilac. Great choice!! He then encouraged us to buy trees from this online shop because they were offering free shipping in a limited time. We have been looking for new trees anyway, we decided to get them from this shop. My first choice was the same red rocket crape myrtle but we live in zone 6a and we are too cold for them. sad… we ordered a ginkgo tree, a Japanese Nijisseiki pear tree, a lemon tree and a key lime tree. Of course the shipping was free!


This was how the package was delivered by FedEx… I was concerned…
They were stressed out a bit but seemed OK.
I went to Lowe’s and bought those. I was proud of myself. lol
I dug holes and it seemed all went well until I got stung by a yellowjacket…
Ginkgo Tree
Japanese Nijisseiki pear
Lemon(right) and Key lime(left) We will keep them inside the house during winter.

Hope they survive the first winter and grow well next season! and hopefully they will produce some fruits down the road.

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