Deck ウッドデッキ

8/20/2022 It’s been 3 years since we redid our deck. We made a big mistake by applying polyurethane on them back then. The moisture trapped in between the paint and urethane and they look dirty as time went by. My hubby’s decided to re-paint but the urethane and the old paint must come off first in order to to that… It has been a time consuming project but he is so committed and he did it!(almost)

2022年8月20日 3年前に改装したウッドデッキ。当時、板にペンキを塗った後に更にウレタンを塗ったのですが、これが実は大きな過ちで、時間の経過や熱でウレタンがポロポロと剥がれてとても汚らしくなってしましました(泣)これを直すには、板を1枚ずつ剥がして、ウレタンとペンキを削って、まっさらな状態に戻し、更にペンキだけを塗り直すという、とんでもなく時間のかかる作業をしなければなりません。が、見た目の汚さに耐えかねたリッチ君、重い腰をあげてこのプロジェクトに挑む(大袈裟)にしました。


As you can see, floor is so dirty…
He removes one board at a time and sand it down. What a daunting project…
He doesn’t want to wait too long to paint them as they get dirty again.
The other half is done.
I helped him to paint.

He also worked on the fence and 90% is done. The last 10% is staircase and this is the most daunting part of the project. He is busy doing other stuff and will get back to it soon.


I found a huge praying mantis the other day! He looks comfortable and is so handsome!!
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