2023 Garlic にんにく #1

11/7/2022 Here comes another “garlic planting” season! I normally plant them in mid October but I waited until this day to make sure that no more sunny summer-ish days in Hudson Valley. I started growing them back in 2018 and it has always been successful. 66 German White cloves were planted. Growing garlic is relatively easy compare to other organic vegetables. They don’t need much attention once they are planted. We love garlic and I literally use it everyday and the best part is I don’t have to buy them from grocery stores for at least 6 months. And there are some friends love my garlic and looking forward to be shared every year, that is one of the reasons to keep me growing garlic!

2022年11月7日 今年も来年度収穫用のニンニクを植える季節がやってきました。2018年の秋に初めてから今回で5度目。今年もジャーマンホワイトを66粒を植えました。有機栽培にもかかわらず一度植えるとあまり手をかけなくても元気に育ってくれるし、長期保存が可能なので1年のうち半年はスーパーでニンニクを買わなくて済むし、我が家ではほど毎日ニンニクを使うのでかなり助かっています。ここ数年は私のニンニクのファンクラブ(大袈裟!笑)ができて、毎年お裾分けを楽しみに待ってくれているお友達もいるので育て甲斐ありです!

I normally plant them in 4X10ft raised bed but decided to put them in a smaller bed as an experiment.
Covered with homemade mulch(grass clipping and chopped leaves). nice and fluffy! See you all in spring!
にほんブログ村 花・園芸ブログ 野菜のみ(家庭菜園)へ

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