2022 Fig tree 無花果JP

11/9/2022 Memorandum – The fig tree “JP” did well on the ground for the first year. It grew tall and produced some big and sweet fruits. This tree was originally my hubby’s grandfather JP’s. His father keeps it now and I got a tiny branch 4 years ago. I didn’t have a chance to meet JP in person so this tree is very very special for me! I thank JP every time we eat it.

2022年11月9日 備忘録 – 今年の春、イチジクの木「JP」を日あたりの良い場所に地植えして、特に問題なく元気に夏を越してくれました。昨年よりも少なかったけど甘くて大きい実もつけてくれたので美味しくいただきました。この木は4年前に義父から枝分けしてもらったもの。元々はリッチ君の祖父JPの木で、私は生前の彼に会うことができなかったけれど、彼の木が今も元気に育っていることに特別な意味を感じ、とても大事にしています。

JP seems happy being in the new location and produced big fruits!
I pruned some of the branches after all the leaves fell.
I covered it with fiberglass.
Then covered with plastic and cut the top open for ventilation.
I know it is eyesore …. but this is the best I could. The air gets in and out from 4 corners at the bottom.

I do hope JP survives through winter. Sleep tight and see you in spring!
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