Garden relocating project 庭の引越し#2

11/11/2022 After finishing relocating the garden beds, we immediately moved on to the fence project. The temperature is dropping day by day and we needed to dig a hole before the ground is frozen. hurry hurry!!


If you haven’t, please check the project 1 first ↓↓

11/4/2022 We rented an auger to dig 2 feet deep holes x 10.
The rental was only for 24 hours so we needed to finish before time is up!
11/5/2022 Went to LOWE’S and bought 13 bags(50lbs each) of fast setting concrete mix and 10 4″x4″ cedar posts.
Everything is ready. Let’s do it!!
Hubby was pouring water and concrete mix in the hole. I was holding the post straight up.
Everything was in. The concrete mixture only needed 30 mins to set.
11/7/2022 Hubby made another run to LOWE’S to get 2″x4″ cedar boards for railing.
11/8/2022 Cut 1 foot off from the top. Now the fence is 5 feet tall and painted.
11/9/2022 Putting wire fence.
We decided to use landscape edging. This was my project and a tiny contribution compare to what my hubby’s been doing but it was really hard for me to hammer it into ground…
11/11/2022 The 1st phase of fence project is done. And this is where we are now! We need to kill more grass, put chicken wire at the bottom and a door need to be made. We came quite a long way compare to the very beginning!
Side view.
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