Sea chest 衣装箱

3/8/2018 It had been warm here and I felt like winter was over. But… we got hit by a snow storm and received about a foot yesterday. It is so pretty!!

2018年3月8日 最近暖かい日が続いていて、もう春が来るのかな~なんて思っていたら昨日大雪が降って30cmぐらい積もりました。朝起きたらこんなだった!


This is 7am in the morning. Rich started clearing the driveway at 6:30am while I was still in bed. 朝7時の図。リッチは6時半から雪掻きをはじめ、除雪機の音で目が覚めた私w

Well, Rich took a class to make a Sea chest from scratch back in January. The highlight of this class is to learn how to make dovetale joints. He brought it home but he didn’t show me until he finished “finishing”.  The specie is pine and he put stain(dark oak) and the polyurethane. As you can see, he did great on dovetale and the box looks beautiful! We decided to put this in the master bedroom and put our PJs in it!




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