Canning 缶詰

8/22/2019 Our Roma tomatoes have ripened! We attended a workshop to learn how to can tomatoes a while ago and waited this moment(harvested a big bunch) to come. I wasn’t sure how much we had though we ended up picking a little more than 9 lbs! Woohoo!

2018年8月22日 ローマトマトが成熟して収穫できるようになりました。この品種は主にトマトソースなどに使われていて、スーパーで生のものを買うと酸味が強いと感じるけれど、お庭で育ったトマトは甘みがあって、そのままトマトサラダにしても美味しく食べられます。私たちがこのトマトを育てている理由は、トマトの缶詰を作ること。こうすることで自分たちで作ったトマトを一年中食べることができます。アメリカでは缶詰づくりは珍しくはなく、またハドソンバレー界隈では家庭菜園をやっている人も多いので、私たちも挑戦することにしました。とはいっても、全くの初心者なので、事前に近所の農家さんが開催している缶詰作りのワークショップに参加して手ほどきを受けてきました。

We got this much. Our workshop teacher told us that the best way to can your produce is to process them right away. So we took her advice very seriously and did it 10 minutes after harvesting! Is it quick enough!?

There are no pictures though, we washed, blanched, cored tomatoes, stuffing them into the jars prior to this picture then the jars were cooked for 90 minutes. There is only one more item is in the jar, the citrus acid to maintain the ideal Ph level.  very simple.

The jars were taken out and left 24 hours at room temperature. The lids were sealed while they were cooling down. We also made roasted cherry tomato bruschetta. They are so good!

After jar have cooled, we checked the lids(making sure they don’t flex) and removed the bands. Boy… It was an intense process though we learned a lot and had fun canning our precious tomatoes! We have to do it soon again as more tomatoes are getting ripened:)

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