Shaker box making #3米国版曲げわっぱ

12/14/2018 Just a quick update on our shaker box project. We now move onto the next step, boiling and bending wood. This is a fun and also frustrating part of the process. Sometimes the wood split, broke or doesn’t bend as we wish. Anyway, we are making progress.

2018年12月14日 アメリカ版曲げわっぱプロジェクトの進捗です。現在は板を茹でて曲げるという作業に取り掛かっています。木の種類によっては、思い通りに曲がらないものや、裂けたり、折れたりしてしまうものもあるので、楽しい工程でもあり、ちょっとイライラしたりもします(笑)木にアタってもしょうがないのに、、、。

This is the boiling kit. There are two hot plate underneath to heat it up.

Boiling the wood for about 20 minutes.

Once the wood is taken out, we quickly bend it by using core.

Then we use small tucks to put both end together.

Next, putting the tops and bottoms. The pile of wood on the right side of the bench have been cut with the right thickness.

We use the scroll saw to cut the wood as oval shape and sand the edge.

Once the bottom is fit, then make some holes to put the bottom and the band(body) together.

Yes, we use toothpicks to put them together. Don’t worry, we use new ones!

The toothpicks are fit! We are going to sand them next.

This is where we are now!

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