Shaker box making #5 米国版曲げわっぱ

3/19/2019 These are our latest shaker box pieces! We had a chance to attend an advanced shaker box making class in Pulaski, New York two weeks ago and we learned the way to make big boxes and handles.  It was an intensive 1.5-day workshop with 10+ other participants. The class began at 7 PM on Friday night and the first day ended at 10:30 PM. Then the class started again at 8 AM on the 2nd day and finished at 6 PM. We literally did not take any break except for a 15 minutes standing lunch break. So it was very intense… I wanted to take step by step pictures but I gave up right after project started.

2019年3月19日 新作のシェーカーボックス、アメリカ版曲げわっぱです。2週間ほど前に、経験者向けの箱作りのクラスに参加する機会があり、大きめの箱に持ち手をつける手法を学びました。参加者は10数人で、金曜日の夜と土曜日丸一日という短期集中コース。初日は19時に開始し、22時半まで。2日目は朝8時から18時まで休憩なしで(お昼にサンドイッチを立ち食いしただけ)作業しました。十数人がショップの中で動き回っているのと、一日半しかないので時間内に終わらせたい思いなどなどで、みんな黙々と作業をしていました。先生も一人なので質問やアドバイスをもらうのも一苦労。アジア人はもちろん私一人。女子は私を含めて3人。男の世界に足を踏み入れている感が半端なかったです(汗)手順に沿って写真を撮ったりメモを取ったりしたかったのですが、作業が始まってすぐ断念しました(泣)

These are the finished boxes. The size #10 Cherry picnic basket with double-swing handles finished with Danish oil and oil-based urethane. We couldn’t finish everything at the workshop so we took them home and did the rest in our shop.

Our teacher Eric. Rich is asking him some questions. The box on the foreside is a sample.

I was able to bend the band with Rich’s help. This was my very first time to deal with such a big piece. Now I am placing tacks to put the both ends together.

The top band is wrapped around the body.

Moving onto the handle next. I am shaping the handle by using a belt sander.

Now the handle is out from boiling water. We use this sharper to shape it.

The box is almost dry now. (we normally leave the box at least over night and let it dry completely but since we had no time we did this on the same day). The next step is attaching the handles. And this was as far as we got at the workshop. We did the finishing at home.

One thing that when we attached the swing handles, the wooden connection pieces in between the handles did not really work (shapes were inconsistent and it did look ugly)  So we used leather pieces instead and it worked well. I cut 24 of them, sanded and burnished the edge. Needed patience!

So the leather connecting pieces are like this.

The picnic basket joins the crowd!

I can’t wait to take this out for picnics! This basket is 45″ x 13″ x 7.5″ so it can hold a lot!

Surprise! There are no pictures of making these but we made those at the workshop too! The size #8 fixed-handle carrier with Cherry.

This tray is perfect for serving tea with snacks or drink with some appetizers.

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