Burdock planter 牛蒡用プランター

4/28/2019 We haven’t had a good weather for a long time and it’s been cold… Our grass is extremely saturated and soft. and it is not possible to run the lawn mower. Anyway, we can’t control Mother Nature so we have to deal with it!  The other day, Rich made a wooden planter(3′ x 3′ x 4′) for Japanese burdock plants. Our ground is clay and the root vegetables don’t do well. We tried it last year but it didn’t grow as we wished. So we came up with this idea of making a big planer so that the roots don’t touch the clay. This is just an experiment and we are hoping to harvest better crops!

2019年4月28日 連日雨で今日も冴えない天気の日曜日。芝生は飽和状態で足が取られるぐらいぬかるんでいます。水浸しすぎて芝刈りもできず。しかも気温が低く、今宵は1度まで下がる予定です。4月の前半がかなり暖かかったから、大丈夫だろうと思って植え替えをしてしまったけれど、だいぶ早まってしまった感が否めず、後悔中。助かるか分からないけれど、野菜にカップを被せて寒さを凌いでもらっています。ガンバレー。


The planter is right next to the raised bed garden.

This is our compost. My job was to move the pile into the planter.

Putting the soil and compost together.

Done! The planter is ready to use. The temperature will be dropped to 32F tonight so I will wait to transplant the burdock until the frost danger is over.

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