2020 Robin’s nest

5/25/2020 It’s been 3 years since we moved to New York. I’ve got into bird-watching since we moved in to our house as there are so many small birds coming to visit our bird feeder on our deck every day. My hubby calls me a bird geek but hey, that sounds a  compliment to me. Lol  I guess I was a bird in my previous life:) In spring I particularly like watching American robins. I love how they hop around our yard and their orange color. They make nests around our house every year and this year, one made a nest under our deck for the first time. The height was around my eye level and I enjoyed observing this nest. The mom robin lays beautiful blue eggs and sits on them for about two weeks then the young are hatched. And then the young stay in the nest fed by mom and dad for another 15 days then fly away. Once they left, they never come back to sleep or rest in their cozy nest. They grow really fast and learn to fly in 15 days. That is pretty amazing to me. 

So there were three egg in the nest, they were well fed and grew fast and they successfully flew away from the nest yesterday. Good job mom robin and thank you for letting us to watch your babies grow. We hope you to come back to our place and make a nest again. 

2020年5月25日 ニューヨーク州へ引越してきて早3年。今の家に引っ越しをしてきてから家の周りに生息する小鳥に興味を持ち始め、デッキにエサ箱を置いて毎日飽きもせず眺めています。年を重ねたせいなのか?リッチ君からは鳥オタクと呼ばれているけれど、悪い気は全然せず、むしろ前世は鳥だったんじゃないかと思うほどに。家の周りにやってくる小鳥の中でもアメリカンロビンというお腹がオレンジ色の鳥が私のお気に入り。毎年、この時期になると家の周りに巣を作って私たちを楽しませてくれます。今年は初めてデッキの下に巣を作り、ちょうど私の目線の高さなのでこの巣に的を絞って観察することにしました。通常ロビンは卵を産んだあと2週間ぐらい卵を温め、雛は孵化してからは約15日ほどで巣立ちます。そして雛たちは一度巣から飛立ったら二度と戻ってきません。この日から親ロビンたちと一緒に、木や木陰で眠ることになります。人間界じゃありえないスピード感だなぁと。


Super hard working mom robin is busy catching worms and feeding the young.
ママロビンちゃん。朝から晩まで雛たちのエサとなるミミズや虫を獲って巣に運んでいます。 雛ちゃんが無事に育って良かった。お疲れさまでした!

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