2020 Gardening August

8/1/2020 Hello August! I wanted to write the “July report” by yesterday but I failed… Oh well, July was somehow hectic. We went on two camping trips and a week long family reunion that kept us staying away from home. But we were in the nature almost all the time and stayed away from people. Yes, we mask up where ever we go and practice social distancing. Anyway, thanks to our automatic irrigation system, our veggies have been doing well even while we are away. We are so thankful that we can eat fresh healthy vegetables everyday.

2020年8月1日 もう8月!本当は先月の畑の様子を昨日のうち書きたかったのだけれども間に合わず。7月はキャンプやら、家族の同窓会などで家を空ける機会が多かったのですが、その間も野菜たちは元気に育ってくれていました。コロナ禍の中、毎日畑で採れた新鮮な野菜を食べることができて本当にありがたい。野菜さんたちありがとう!

The cherry tomatoes are very very sweet this year. By far the best!

Cabbage, my first attempt!

My future eggplant rollatini:P

Swiss chard grows like weed!

Japanese green peppers. They were so weak at the beginning but they came back strong!

My first attempt, broccoli.

Yes, Onions. They looked ready to be picked. I pulled them all and have been curing them in the shed.

Tomato basket on 7/25.

Tomato and pea basket on 7/31.

Oh yes, figgies!

にほんブログ村 花・園芸ブログ 野菜のみ(家庭菜園)へ


  1. I love your posts! They’re so relaxing so thank you for sharing. Hope I have a green thumb too but luckily, my mom has and she’s doing great in our little garden. ❤

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