Figs イチジク収穫

5/26/2020 I just want to share my excitement about our figs! Our big fig tree, “Green giant” has been loaded and some fruit got ripen! My husband cares about them so much and we’ve covered them with a bird net. We are very serious and we don’t let anyone to take our precious figs! Lol Anyway we harvested two today, they are so big and so fresh and sweet.

2020年5月26日 我が家のイチジクの木、「グリーンジャイアント」の実が収穫期を迎えました!最近実が柔らかくなっていて、この日を今か今かと待っていました。熟し始めると鳥やリス、野生動物が食べてしまうので、それを何が何でも防ぐために網をかけて保護。木は外にあり、夜間は目が届かないので、こちらも取られてたまるもかとかなり真剣です。今のところ被害はなく、今日は熟れ熟れの2つを収穫しました。大きくて甘くてフレッシュでとっても美味しかったです!

I put the quarter by comparison. They are big!

We had them as a dessert after dinner.

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  1. We need to talk about the fig tree!!! I just discovered you have this blog. I bought a fig tree at Wright’s and I really want it to live. It reminds me of Greece and Sicily which I love, love, love.
    Your blog and the care you take with all your projects is so amazing.

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